Your Responsibilities

  1. Remove all furnishings from the work area. This includes furniture, wall hangings, plants, knick-knack items, and closet and pantry contents. Make sure drapes are not hanging on the floor.
  2. Complete any other additional prep work you have agreed to do. EXAMPLE: Removing existing floor coverings, baseboards or appliances, hanging plastic, etc.
  3. Remove contents of the appliances that All City will be moving. EXAMPLE: Items from bottom stove drawers and refrigerator contents that may break or spill.
  4. Disconnect the gas from any gas appliance All City will be moving. EXAMPLE: Stove and dryer.
  5. Tape off mail slots if mail comes in on to the wood floor.
  6. During the finishing process, keep heat turned up to 72 degrees to allow finish to dry.
  7. Cover any furnishings near the work area to protect from dust; sheets and lightweight plastic work well for this. Please note that we use state-of-the-art sanding equipment with self contained vacuums, but sanding remains a dusty process. All City cannot be responsible for any house cleaning required as a result.

Job Procedures

The installation process takes 1-5 days depending on the size of the area, type of wood being installed, complexity of the installation and how much prep work needs to be done prior to the wood being installed.

The sanding and finishing process generally takes 2-5 days to complete depending on the job size, stain color and finish type to be used. You must be available to meet the sanding crew to approve a stain color for your floor. Once the stain and finish is applied to your floor you must stay off of it until the job is complete.

The screening and coating process generally takes 1 day to complete depending on job size. All City will fill the cracks in the floor with filler, buff the floor and apply a coat of finish.

Once the final coat of finish has been applied, wait 24 hours for the finish to dry before walking on the floor.